At Aylin Marcello Photography, all our work is inspired by one simple truth: defining a moment by the subject and by the effects it has on others who share it. We believe that life has important moments that deserve to be captured with this in mind.

No matter how small or large, every detail, every emotion is captured from perfect angles. From the commotion backstage with preparations, to celebrations with bright lights, everything is captured. No scripts, no posing, just people being themselves in traditional portraits and wedding photography.

Aylin Marcello Photography is a team of photo professionals in South Florida. We have a documentary approach with a Modern-Chic flare, which results in images that come to life and capture emotional content while telling a complete visual story of memories that are elusive.

Clients are served with our boutique approach which puts communication and customer service on the very top, while delivering the best breathtaking images South Florida has to offer.

At Aylin Marcello Photography, real emotions have value and are not staged photography that is artificial. Your day, no matter what the occasion is, will be packed with moments that were not expected.  Our job as your photographer and documentarian is capturing every one of those memories in such a way that is unobtrusive and organic. We want to capture every emotion, every sliding tear, every smile and laugh that is part of your special story. You will enjoy our lively photography whenever you see the captured pictures of our talented photographers.

The compliment we hear the most from our clients is how we captured every emotion of their special day, and they did not even realize we were there. We are not going to force any of the moments because they come organically for us to capture. Whether you are having an engagement, beautiful wedding, stunning quinceanera, boudoir, or require our commercial expertise, we can capture every moment as you wish.

Team of Photographers Our collection of talent is diverse, and each of the photographers brings their unique experiences to their work in different photographic genres, from beauty and fine art, travel journalism and documentation, and fashion. Our team consists of masters, experts, and emerging photographers who are constantly seeking new influences for crafting images that are fresh and timeless.

Each photo will be as stunning as you are. The magic begins from the moment you walk into the room. Our skilled photographers know how to make the camera sing and not miss a thing, no matter how full the room is. The lighting is always perfect when the moments are snapped, no matter what it might look like inside or outside.